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PlanBcp is a Team-Based Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning App made for Office 365 SharePoint Online!

Do You Have a Plan B?

Let’s face it, no one likes to think about going through disaster recovery and business continuity process in real life. But disasters do happen and business must continue. So wouldn’t you rather be better prepared should the unfortunate event actually happen?

I think we all know the answer to that question. Yet, so few companies are actually prepared when disaster does strike. Why is that? And it is not a matter of “if” but “when” as it will happen.

Do you have a Plan B?

Why You Need a Plan B

What will you and your organization do to survive a disaster? You only have to think about New Orleans, New York, and Oakville Ontario to know that disasters do happen.

Are you ready? Is your organization ready?

When I am teaching the Learning Tree International disaster recovery and business continuity planning course I ask attendees the following question: Why are you here?

  • no one is going to want to talk to you because you are asking them to do more work
  • the DRP/BCP planning process can cost a lot of money
  • you hope you will never have to use your DRP/BCP plan

So why do you take a course on DRP/BCP plan development? Why are you reviewing this website and DRP/BCP planning solution? In one word I will answer that question!


It’s all about JOBS. A job for you and for the other people in the organization. Statistically speaking it has been recorded that organizations that do not get back in business within seven days of a disaster have a 50/50 chance of still being in business a year later!

It’s all about JOBS. Your management may not want to invest money in developing and delivering sound DRP/BCP plans but you and your associates will want to know how to recover the business in the event of a disaster because your JOBS depend on it.

That’s why you are here.

The PlanBcp for SharePoint App is the solution that will make it easier for you to actually create usable DRP/BCP documentation that will help you and your organization survive a disaster and protect the jobs it provides for you and many others. It will also help you ensure continued services to customers and partners that depend on your organization to do what they do each day.

The real question is “Do you have a Plan B?”

NIST SP 800-34 Compliant!

NIST Compliant
CMMC Compliant

Be assured that with your purchase, Plan Bcp is compliant with NIST 800-34, the Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems as well as CMMC/800-171, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Standards cybersecurity control standards.

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Price = $99.00 Per Month Enterprise License = Unlimited Users and Unlimited PlanBcp SubSites

That’s right! For $99.00 you can provide every user in your entire organization with access to your PlanBcp disaster recovery and business continuity plans! Now everyone can be safe.


  • All your DRP and BCP plans in one place
  • Use either your organization’s Active Directory or SharePoint Online user-profiles and groups
  • Business Impact Assessment surveys help you identify the most important business processes in your organization and who is responsible for recovering them
  • Identify all key systems, software, people, and processes to recover your critical business systems quickly
  • PlanBcp uses a structured road-map to walk you through the process of creating detailed and accurate recovery plans
  • A DRP-BCP Project Management Dashboard allows you to assign others Tasks to complete so that you can track progress as well as time and money expenditures planned vs actual
  • User Email Alerts to notify people in the organization about updated DRP-BCP plans when you publish new ones
  • Follow your DRP-BCP Team’s progress in creating the plans via a simple Red-Yellow-Green Task status system – see the screenshots
  • Publish your plan to your One Drive for secure global distribution throughout your organization
  • PlanBcp is integrated with your Office 365 platform

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