Apr 08
Does your organization have a Business Continuity Management Office?

​Got one today with PlanBcp. 

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Mar 10
International Trade Council Posts Article About PlanBcp

​Check out our recent article that was published by the International Trade Council 

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Mar 01
PlanBcp Version 2.2 Released

ShareParts LLC of Dallas TX has released Version 2.2 of PlanBcp, the Microsoft Office365 SharePoint Online disaster recovery and business continuity planning solution.

PlanBcp can be integrated with your Active Directory environment providing a truly enterprise level disaster recovery and business continuity planning solution.  Enhanced solution licensing approach has been added. Purchase 10 licenses and everyone in the entire organization will have access to PlanBcp. You read that right. DR/BC planning requires a lot of input from a lot of people with serious coordination amongst those team members creating the plans. PlanBcp is the off site central place for you to do this and our licensing model allows you to bring all of the players together at an affordable price.

Check out the new version today. Click here nowto access the Microsoft Store and get your Plan B today!  


Mar 07
Free Business Continuity Course from Microsoft

 If you'd like a deeper understanding of the breadth of capabilities that Microsoft provides for business continuity, be sure to check out this course. Microsoft business continuity offerings enable you to achieve higher levels of availability, protect important data, and reduce downtime. And all of these solutions to keep your servers, services, and applications running are powered by technologies you know: Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Business Continuity Course

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Mar 03
Windows Azure Cloud is the best place for your DR/BC plans!

​PlanBcp runs on Windows Azure Cloud Infrastructure!

The Azure Platform is supported by a growing network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Microsoft has decades of experience running services such as Bing, Office 365, and Azure is available in 140 countries, including China, and supports 10 languages and 19 currencies, all backed by Microsoft's $15 billion investment in global datacenter infrastructure. Azure is continuously investing in the latest infrastructure technologies, with a focus on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners worldwide.

Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure is Global

Azure Regions.png 

Microsoft Corp. delivers more than 200 cloud services, including Bing, MSN,, Office 365, OneDrive, Skype, Xbox Live and the Microsoft Azure platform. Today, more than 1 billion customers and 20 million businesses in 90 global marketplaces use our cloud services. These services are hosted in Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure composed of more than 100 globally distributed datacenters, edge computing nodes, and service operations centers. This infrastructure is supported by one of the world’s largest multi-terabit global networks, with an extensive dark fiber footprint, that connects them all. The company’s cloud infrastructure is managed by the Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure & Operations (MCIO) team.

Microsoft provides cloud services to customers 24x7x365, and the MCIO team designs, builds, operates and helps secure every facet of the infrastructure. Since opening their first datacenter in 1989, they have invested more than $15 billion on infrastructure and remain focused on delivering reliable, scalable and security-enhanced online services, while efficiently managing operations and costs as they grow. 

ShareParts LLC, the developer of PlanBcp is a Microsoft Certified Silver Cloud Platform Partner. Our PlanBcp disaster recovery and business continuity planning solution runs on Microsoft's Azure Cloud. With PlanBcp your plan development project dashboard and plans will always be accessible.  


Feb 19
Is your disaster recovery plan 100 percent complete?

And how do you actually know if it is? Well, PlanBcp will actually show you your progress as you successfully bring your organization's disaster recovery and business continuity plan together. Not only will you know how your plan development is progressing but so will the whole team! Now that is positive progress.​

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Feb 10
ShareParts LLC achieves Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency

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For Release 10 a.m. PDT

Feb 10, 2015

ShareParts, LLC Achieves a Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Competency

ShareParts, LLC earns distinction through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Austin, Texas, United States — Feb, 10, 2015

ShareParts, LLC, "Do you have a Plan B?", today announced it has achieved a Silver Cloud Platform competency, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft Corp. customers' evolving needs in today's dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft silver competency, partners must successfully demonstrate expertise through rigorous exams, culminating in Microsoft certifications. And to ensure the highest quality of services, Microsoft requires customer references for successful implementation and customer satisfaction.

ShareParts, LLC specializes in advance SharePoint solution development. The company recently released PlanBcp, a disaster recovery and business continuity tool for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online running in Microsoft's Azure Cloud platform. The new competency level will help us help our customers ensure that their organizations are able and ready to recover from unplanned business outages quickly, efficiently, and safely.  

"This Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform competency showcases our expertise in today's technology market and demonstrates our knowledge of Microsoft and its products," said CEO Mr. Arnold Villeneuve.  "Our plan is to accelerate our customers' success by serving as technology advisors for their business demands."

"By achieving a Silver Cloud Platform competency, organizations have proven their expertise in specific technology areas, placing them among the top 5 percent of Microsoft partners worldwide," said Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group at Microsoft Corp. "When customers look for an IT partner to meet their business challenges, choosing a company that has attained Microsoft competencies is a smart move. These are highly qualified professionals with access to Microsoft technical support and product teams."

"More than 57% of the Fortune 500 are using Microsoft Azure, and on average 1,000 customers are signing up every day. The Silver Cloud Platform competency enables our customers to capitalize on the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure, and allows us to provide additional support and incentives to help them grow their business through partners like ShareParts, LLC" Sorgen continued.

The Microsoft Partner Network helps partners strengthen their capabilities to showcase leadership in the marketplace on the latest technology, to better serve customers and to easily connect with one of the most active, diverse networks in the world.

"Our main goal with is to help our customers articulate and capture their disaster recovery and business continuity "PlanBcp" in a collaborative and mobile environment that provides guaranteed uptime and accessibility worldwide." Villeneuve added.

For more information, press only:


Arnold Villeneuve, ShareParts, LLC, (855) NOPLANB,  

Feb 05
Training the Human Element for better Disaster Response

Great article about a very important factor in disaster response that is often overlooked: the Human Element.

Bruce Gilkes, Principle Consultant at C4i Consultants, pened a great article on the topic here. He writes: "Over the past few months I have been examining different disasters and have been trying to figure out common themes and issues. And then it dawned on me - that the one common factor was the "Human Element". Not only that, but the human element has the potential to be one of the largest factors and most variable factors during a crisis, emergency or disaster".

If that is in fact the case, and I fully believe that it is, when and where should we identify the skillset required by people to better respond to a disaster? In your disaster recovery and business continuity plan while you are creating it. This approach will allow you to identify the "Human Element" and the risks associated with it so that you can better prepare people for their roles and responsbilities.  

PlanBcp for Office 365 / SharePoint Online helps you do that.


Jan 22
Safeguard your Business with Microsoft and PlanBcp

There is lots you can do to safeguard your business using Microsoft technology and PlanBcp. Find out more in this detailed presentation.

Click on the Presentation menu item above!

Do you have feedback or questions on the presentation? We would love to hear from you. Drop us an email or better yet give us a call.

Jan 21
What does our APP cost?

That is a great question and we want to ensure our solution pricing options are very clear to our customers.

A single user is $99.00 per month which gives this user access to all of the PlanBcp solution features and functions. There are no restrictions for a single user. You get everything.

Our pricing model through the Microsoft Office Store is as follows:

- First user is $99.00 per month

- Each new user after that up to 10 total users is $99.00 per month for a total per organization of $990.00 per month.

- After that, well Bob's our Uncle! And you can thank Uncle Bob because PlanBcp is FREE after that for the 11th plus user within your organization. That's right. You read it right. Within a single organization you can give 100 Team Members access to PlanBcp for $1,000 per month. That's an average cost of $10 per Team Member per month. That would be a very big DRP/BCP Team but in very large organizations that is not unreasonable to find. You need more Team Members than 100 to have access to PlanBcp within your Fortune 100 company! No problem. It's still FREE. It you have 1,000 DRP/BCP Team Members the cost is now $1.00 (one dollar) per team member per month! No additional charges apply!

Every Customer gets unlimited support starting at the entry level single user purchase.

Customers with 10 users or more also receive one hour of FREE DRP/BCP project planning initiation consulting services.

We believe every organization should have a Plan B to recover from a disaster so that they can continue business and serve their customers. We are here to assist you with that important goal. We look forward to working with you to achieve that objective.

 The real question is however:

 How much money can the PlanBcp APP safe you in the event your organization suffers a disaster?

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