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Welcome to PlanBcp - the disaster recovery and business continuity planning solution. Now available on the Microsoft Office SharePoint APP Store. Click Here To See Our APP in the Microsoft Office Store! 


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PlanBcp Logo Medium.png Meet B. He has your back! 

These are the templates we use in the full PlanBcp APP. You can download them for free. It is our gift to you because we believe that every organization should have a Plan B! They are in Microsoft Word format and you can use them right away. However, if you want develop an enterprise level DRP/BCP plan solution in a team collaboration environment with all of the additional team support, critical systems process surveys, important asset lists, and compliance components then we hope you will consider the complete PlanBcp solution.  

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PlanBcp DR-BC Plan Sample Output.pdf
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PlanBcp User Guide Version 2.pdf
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Planning for Disaster Recovery - Best Practices.pdf
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 Get Started with your Plan B!

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Easily follow your plan development progress with your DRP/BCP Team. Green is Good!  


Quickly identify threats to your organization and identify risks, man made and natural.

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Effectively assess the impact of identified risks to your organization through a BIA evaluation.

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Clearly determine your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives using client focused surveys.

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Efficiently manage your DRP/BCP plan development project like a Project Management Pro with the PlanBcp Project Dashboard and bring your project in on time and under budget.  

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Publish your DRP/BCP plans and share them with everyone required in a PlanBcp SharePoint Document Library, via email, or Microsoft's One Drive. Responsible Team Members can also subscribe to eMail alerts when plans are updated and download them to their Smart Phone.  

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PlanBcp integrates with your own organization's Office 365 Active Directory or it can use local SharePoint Online User Profiles.  


Finally, get the training you need to use PlanBcp effectively through online training videos and our detailed User Guide. 


PlanBcp shows you and your team the progress you are making on a daily basis until your plan is 100 percent complete! Now that is positive progress in disaster recovery plan development.

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Please feel free to contact us any time with question about how you can develop an effective Plan B for your organization today.

PlanBcp Sales and Support


1-855-NOPLANB (in North America only)

1-613-833-0984  (internationally)

Located in the United States of America and Canada 

Supporting organizations globally! 


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